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In October 2006, 51 year old Ron Fierro sat down with Dr. David Adams to discuss his reasons for coming to Mount Sinai from Florida to have a mitral valve repair.



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Dr. Adams: Mr. Fierro, I just want to get you to explain why you are deciding to have your mitral valve repaired right now. You have a dilated cardiomyopathy, your mitral valve leaks a lot, you know your heart does not squeeze normally, and I know that you have looked at a lot of information. I just want to hear in your own words, why are you deciding now to have your operation?


Mr. Fierro: Well, like you said we did a lot of research on it. My cardiologist, my EP specialist that I spoke to; I knew why I was having damage to my heart, my mitral valve is leaking and the answers that they had for me were not quite a fix. It was Band-Aid effect to me and after doing research and reading your website, it seems like we could repair the source of the problem. That is why I have decided, you know, I have read about your valves, I have read about your procedures, and it just seemed to me that the logical thing to do is to fix the source of the problem. I do not want to be 10 years from now having to deal with heart failure or having to deal with replacing my valve and it may be sooner, I do not know. I know in the past six months my mitral valve has deteriorated significantly and I need to stop that problem.



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