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June 20, 2018

Sent: June 20, 2018
To: Dr. David Adams and The Cardiac Surgery Team
Subject: Thank You 

Dear Dr. Adams,

I wanted to drop you a note to relay our deep appreciation for Selin’s open heart surgery. We truly have been fortunate, and blessed to cross paths with you, your team, and The Mount Sinai Hospital in the most important part of Selin’s journey to recovery.

My daughter Selin, 15 year old, was diagnosed with the mitral valve prolapse condition, inherited from her father’s side of the family.  After long deliberations, and consultations with her doctors in Turkey, we were told that she needed to be operated on, pretty urgently, so we brought her to the States.

Initially, we made an appointment with Boston’s Children’s Hospital because of her young age.  My cousin, who is a heart surgeon himself in Turkey, suggested we get an opinion from Dr. David Adams in New York as well.  Because my husband had the same surgery back in 2000, we also went to the Cleveland Clinic to get the third, and the final opinion on her surgical condition.

Right away, without any doubt, we all agreed that Dr. Adams & Dr. Boateng’s team was the best choice for our daughter’s surgery.  And, hindsight “we were 100% right” in our decision to proceed with you, and your team at the Mount Sinai Hospital.

From all indications, the surgery was a complete success. Just as you told us that the initial recovery period would be similar to recovering from a flu, four or five days, and you were right!   It has been only a week, since the surgery, and she is already feeling better, returning to her normal life, and looking much better, as well.

Thank you both, Dr. David Adams and Dr. Percy Boateng, from the bottom of our HEARTS!

We also would like to thank cardiologists Dr. Tara, Dr. Stephen, and Dr. Alex Mittnacht, the anesthesiologist, the ICU nurse Ann, all the other post-op nurses at the 7th floor, especially Jean, Rachel and Katherine.  Plus, thanks to all other nurses, and the staff, some of the names I cannot remember.

I left the hospital feeling like this was one of the most precious gifts I have ever received, as a mother. I cannot thank you enough!

Sincerely, thank you Mount Sinai…

God Bless!


(Selin and Askin A.)  

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