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Please call us to schedule an appointment or speak with a member of our team, 866-288-6213.

Our office hours are 9am - 5pm.

Dr. David H. Adams 866-288-6213
Dr. Anelechi Anyanwu 212-659-6811
Surgery Admissions Coordinator   212-659-6821
Anesthesia Billing Department 800-627-4470
Presurgical Admission Testing Registration Desk   212-241-0714
CSICU - 5 Center (Intensive Care Unit) 212-241-7344
CPCU - 6 Center (Progressive Care Unit) 212-241-7955
7 West (Telemetry/Stepdown Unit) 212-241-7918


Important: If you are having an urgent problem, do not contact your surgeon by e-mail. Call your surgeon's office or dial 911 right away!

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