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Scheduling a consultation

When you are ready to discuss the possibility of having your mitral valve surgery with Dr. Adams or one of our other surgeons at Mount Sinai please call us at 866-MITRAL5 (648-7255) to schedule a consultation. Prior to meeting with Dr. Adams, it is important that we have copies of your most recent echocardiogram including the CD and a hard copy report of the findings. If you have had a cardiac catheterization we need the CD and hard copy report of those findings as well. The nurse practitioners review the consultation charts 1-2 days before the consultation date and it is important that we have those materials in advance in order to stay on schedule for your consultation.

Checking in and patient history with your Nurse Practitioner

The day of the consultation, you will come to GP2W, which is the Guggenheim Pavilion 2 West, right inside the 1190 Fifth Avenue entrance. At the reception desk, you will be asked to fill out some forms and our receptionist will make a copy of your insurance card for our files. Then, you will meet with one of the Nurse Practitioners (NPs) who will conduct a history and physical examination. This should take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. We will ask you what medications, including dosages, you are currently taking, so if that is something that is difficult for you to remember please bring a list.

Your consultation with Dr. Adams

Next, you will be ready to meet with the surgical team. First, a board-certified member of the Mitral Valve Repair Team will review your echocardiogram film with you and review your diagnosis. Then, Dr. Adams will join to discuss treatment options, and develop a plan of care that is appropriate for your condition. Some patients find it helpful to bring a list of questions with them and to take notes during the consultation. The portion of your consultation with Dr. Adams can last anywhere from 20-40 minutes.

Scheduling surgery and pre-admission testing

After you have met with Dr. Adams and if you are ready to schedule surgery, you will meet with his receptionist who will schedule a surgical date for you. After your visit, one of our admissions coordinators will schedule you for pre-admission testing. Most of our patients are admitted to the hospital the morning of surgery, and so pre-admission testing is done a week or two before the actual surgery and does not require an overnight stay. Our admissions coordinators will also give you other information, any medication restrictions that you might have before surgery as well as information about local hotels to stay in if that is something that might be necessary for you or family members the night before surgery.

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