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The Cardiothoracic Surgery Intensive Care team consists of a group of attending physicians board certified in critical care medicine and anesthesiology or cardiac surgery. Our CSICU is one of the few in the nation that provides around the clock coverage by board certified Critical Care Physicians Specialists (aka an Intensivist).

Having a dedicated intensivist involved in the care of cardiothoracic surgical patients enhances the quality of care provided in the ICU. The intensivist, however, is only one member of the ICU team. Critical care nurses and physician assistants, highly trained professionals, work side-by-side with the intensivists in the postoperative care of our patients. Their hard work and dedication are essential for excellent patient outcomes. There is a true team spirit that pervades the CSICU. Every member of the team learns from his peers and profits from the interaction. This multidisciplinary approach improves patient care.

Critical care medicine is an integral part of the practice of contemporary anesthesiology, and many anesthesiologists already care for critically ill patients in the OR. The anesthesiologist's relevant skills include emergency airway management and resuscitation as well as knowledge of cardiopulmonary physiology, invasive and noninvasive monitoring techniques, respiratory care, and ventilator management. These skills can be applied from the OR to an intensive care setting.

Our intensivists pride themselves on techniques designed to optimize sedation and minimize pain in the postoperative period as well as providing optimum hemodynamic monitoring and management. The team has an extensive experience in ventilatory management and lung function allowing for an optimal transition from the operating room throughout the rest of the hospital period. In addition to this we take particular interest in preventing infection and ideal glycemic control.

The groups research interests and publications are in such diverse areas as patient safety, three-dimensional echocardiography, hemodynamic monitoring, and nutritional strategies to enhance recovery from surgery. The ICU team has a diverse staff of attendings that is academically involved in numerous critical care and anesthesia societies, review courses and have authored multiple texbook chapters.

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