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2011 Mitral Conclave: Barlow's Disease: Resection Strategy

2011 Mitral Conclave: Anterior Leaflet: Chordal Techniques

2011 Mitral Conclave: A Near 100% Repair Rate is a Feasible Goal in Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease Regardless of Etiology or Lesion Complexity

2011 Heart Valve Summit: VAD Therapy in Valve Disease, Rescue and Destination

2011 Heart Valve Summit: Unusual Cases - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

2011 Heart Valve Summit: Risk Assesment - What is Missing in the Risk Score Systems

2011 Heart Valve Summit: Mitral Valve Patho-anatomy

2011 Heart Valve Summit: Mitral Regurgitation after Mitral Valve Surgery - When to Do What

2011 Heart Valve Summit: Minimally Invasive Surgery - Facts

2011 Heart Valve Summit: Functional Mitral Valve Regurgitation - Are We Making Progress

2010 STS: Mitral Valve Repair Strategies and Techniques for Dealing with Severe Annular Calcification

2010 STS: A Lesion Specific Approach in Rheumatic Mitral Valve Repair

2010 New York Cardiovascular Symposium: Top Ten Facts About Mitral Valve Repair: What a Cardiologist Needs to Know

2010 Heart Valve Summit: Tricuspid Dilatation, Mild TR at Time of Mitral Repair: Ring or Not to Ring

2010 Heart Valve Summit: Small Root, Large Patient: Is a 19 mm Valve Reasonable?

2010 Heart Valve Summit: Mitral Valve Surgical Literature: Reading Between the Lines

2010 Heart Valve Summit: Mitral and Tricuspid Valve: Pathoanatomy

2010 Heart Valve Summit: Minimally Invasive Mitral Surgery Is the New Gold Standard - Con

2010 Heart Valve Summit: Case Presentation "I need your opinion regarding a new patient"

2010 Heart Valve Summit: Cardiologists Need to Improve their Decision Making and Guideline Adherence