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Francesca N Delling, Peter A Noseworthy, David H Adams, et al.


In light of the adverse prognosis related to severe mitral regurgitation, heart failure, or sudden cardiac death in a subset of patients with mitral valve prolapse (MVP), identifying those at higher risk is key. For the first time in decades, researchers have the means to rapidly advance discovery in the field of MVP thanks to state-of-the-art imaging techniques, novel omics methodologies, and the potential for large-scale collaborations using web-based platforms. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute recently initiated a webinar-based workshop to identify contemporary research opportunities in the treatment of MVP. This report summarizes 3 specific areas in the treatment of MVP that were the focus of the workshop: 1) improving management of degenerative mitral regurgitation and associated left ventricular systolic dysfunction; 2) preventing sudden cardiac death in MVP; and 3) understanding the mechanisms and progression of MVP through genetic studies and small and large animal models, with the potential of developing medical therapies.


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