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Maheedhar Gedela, Busra Cangut, Lucy Safi, Parasuram Krishnamoorthy, Dimosthenis Pandis, Ahmed El-Eshmawi, Gilbert H L Tang

February 01, 2024 | Canadian Journal of Cardiology


Mitral regurgitation is a prevalent valvular disease, and its management has gained increasing importance because of the aging population. Although traditional surgery remains the gold standard, the field of transcatheter therapies, including transcatheter edge-to-edge repair and, more recently transcatheter mitral valve replacement are advancing and are being explored as viable alternatives, particularly for patients at high surgical risk. It is essential to emphasize the necessity of a multidisciplinary team approach, involving specialized valve teams, imaging experts, cardiac anaesthesiologists, and other relevant specialists, is crucial in achieving optimal outcomes. Furthermore, proper execution of procedures, postprocedural care, and diligent follow-up for these patients are essential components for successful results. It is essential to underscore that traditional mitral valve surgery continues to play a significant role. Simultaneously, it is important to acknowledge the expanding array of transcatheter interventions available for this specific patient population.

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