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El-Eshmawi A, Sun E, Boateng P, Pandis D, Rimsukcharoenchai C, Anyanwu A, Adams DH


Background: The durability of mitral valve repair (MVr) is usually defined by the absence of recurrent significant mitral regurgitation. Postrepair mitral stenosis (MS) is a less frequent and less studied mode of failure of MVr. We analyzed our experience in patients who underwent reoperation for postrepair MS to characterize mechanisms resulting in MS and to summarize reoperative surgical strategies and mid-term outcomes.

Methods: Using a prospective database, we retrospectively analyzed data on 35 consecutive patients who underwent reoperation for symptomatic moderate to severe MS between January 1, 2011, and February 1, 2020.

Results: The mean patient age was 61.4 ± 11.4 years, and 69% were female. The median annuloplasty ring size used at the initial repair was 28 mm (interquartile range, 26-30 mm). Additional repair techniques at the initial operation included leaflet resection in 12 patients (34%) and commissuroplasty or edge-to-edge repair in 6 patients (18%). At reoperation, the most common mechanism of MS was pannus ingrowth in 20 patients (57%), leaflet calcification in 12 (34%), commissural fusion in 5 (14%), and tunnel effect (functional MS) in 3 (9%). Twenty-two patients (63%) underwent valve replacement, and 13 (37%) underwent valve re-repair. In patients who underwent re-repair, annuloplasty revision was performed in all patients, with 6 patients (46%) converted from complete ring to band, 4 (11%) converted from ring to pericardial annuloplasty, 2 (6%) converted to no annuloplasty, and 1 (8%) with annuloplasty ring upsizing. There were no in-hospital or 1-year mortalities. Survival at the 5-year follow-up was 93.9%.

Conclusions: MS causing late failure of MVr is frequently associated with smaller ring sizes and inflammatory or calcific changes in the valve. Highly selected patients may be good candidates for mitral valve re-repair.

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