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Rebecca T Hahn, Vincent Chan, David H Adams

October 24, 2022 | Circulation

Surgical mitral valve repair for primary (degenerative) mitral regurgitation (MR) is associated with very low operative mortality and excellent long-term survival rates; it is a class I treatment option for symptomatic or asymptomatic patients in whom a successful (MR grade ≤1+), durable repair is possible.1 Mitral valve surgery is associated with a high rate of successful repair of simple to complex pathologies by using a variety of surgical techniques.2 The emergence of mitral transcatheter edge-to-edge repair (TEER) offers a new paradigm for the treatment of primary MR in a select group of patients, and is currently a class IIa treatment option for high- or prohibitive-risk patients with a life expectancy of at least 1 year.1 Given the current guideline indications, how should clinicians determine the appropriate patient for transcatheter intervention today?

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