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August 06, 2008
Susan H.

Dear Terry, 
It's not easy to measure the value of professionalism and expertise, but it sure isn't hard to know that you've experienced it. I would like to thank you and all the administrative and medical professionals on Dr. Adams's team for taking such good care ofme during the time that I was at Mount Sinai. I have never witnessed such intense dedication on the part of any professionals anywhere nor experienced such caring from those tending to me as I did in your office, the CSICU, and the Stepdown Unit. 

Every individual I encountered during my stay was a gift: Dr. Reynolds and the nurse who did the CT scan; Veronica, Jill (aka Jelly), and Jehan (PAs?); and nurses Monica and Jean; Laura and Tovah (PTs); Elizabeth (PCA); Louise (MD?); and especially Emlyn (PA?) and Edite (Odette?), who were there for at an especially critical moment; and that wonderful, tall X-ray tech who not only took pictures of me but also fixed my TV! And Dr. Chikwe, whom I saw on my last visit. All so competent and caring, a rare combination indeed. I tried to remember everyone, but I know I must have left some people out, and to them I extend my apologies. Please thank them for me. 

The period leading up to and following my hospitalization was no different. Everyone I had contact with was so kind and helpful: Roberto, Lee, Gladys, and Frank, who were so responsive to my questions; Theresa Kearns, Joel Estabillo, and especially the incredibly skilled and steadfast Edith Deasis, who returned my calls so promptly and kept me calm through all the minor crises I endured in the weeks following my release from the hospital. 

And you, Terry, were a godsend, keeping things moving steadily going in and coming out, even to the point of advising me on pajamas! Last but surely not least, I want to thank Dr. Adams and his amazing surgical team for the miracle of restoring a human heart to health. I couldn't have been in a better place than Mount Sinai. You have perfected the art of healing and I will always be grateful to all of you. 


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