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July 22, 2009
Mike F.

Sent: Wed, July 22, 2009

Subject: a great result from a great surgeon!

Dr. Adams,

You may remember me as a white, blind court reporter from New Orleans married now for 28 years to Mignon and together we have 5 wonderful children. I will be 52 tomorrow and thanks to you, I am in great shape. In January of 2007 with no medical background and through the grace of God, I accidentally discovered and ultimately correctly self-diagnosed a severe mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation. After 5 months of hoping it was something else and would soon go away, I finally went to see a local cardiologist and confirmed the diagnosis I previously suspected. After having done much research on the problem and its cure, I located what I thought at the time to be the absolute best surgeon in the world for fixing the broken leaflets of my mitral valve. I then immediately phoned you and had a very comforting conversation wherein you assured me that once you finished my surgical repair , I would “walk out of the hospital as God made me.” Thanks to your gracious help and accomodations, I flew into New York City on August 15, 2007, went through the catheterization and all preliminary testing on August 16, and then surgery by you on the morning of August 17, 2007.

Facing the condition, the surgical cure, all its risks, and New York City itself was extremely frightening and intimidating. However, from the moment I met you face to face in your office at Mt. Sinai, I felt an immediate sense of calm and security. Painful as the immediate recovery was, I was able to fly back home to New Orleans and my 5 kids on August 26, 2007. Immediately following my discharge from Mt. Sinai 5 days after surgery, I began a stringent and intense self-rehabilitating program. I was released from Mt. Sinai sometime around noon, and that evening my wife and I were strolling through Central Park. Three days later on August 25 in an attempt to show my wife the town and to reward her for all her prior suffering, prayers, and dedication to my well-being, she and I took a bus and toured Times Square and all its surroundings. The walk was slow and somewhat stressful, but very entertaining and physically rewarding.

My rehab continued from the moment I got home and my progress was rather remarkable. I was told by you and all the research I conducted that I would be out of work for 6 - 8 weeks following surgery. It may interest you to know, though, that on the 13th day following my open heart mitral valve repair, I took my first deposition. I never turned back other than to think of the sincerest appreciation I have for you and your wonderful staff. I have enclosed herein some photographs that you may find entertaining. The first is of you, my wife and I in your office on my last visit prior to my return home. The second photo is of me changing my oil one month post-surgery. The subsequent photos were taken of me at my oldest son’s wedding on August 8, 2008 just shy of one year post-surgery. Incidentally, the last picture is not upside down.......

David, on a personal note, I am one who never forgets to say thank you. Everyone has a job, but not everyone does their best at it. You are more than good at what you do. I hope you are as proud of your work as I am of you. It is unfortunate that our paths may not ever cross again, but please know that it is my wish that they will. You are not just an excellent surgeon, but a wonderful man and a fine human being.

May God bless you and all that you do.

With my deepest sincerity and warmest regards, the president of your New Orleans Fan Club,

Mike F.

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