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July 09, 2009
Michelle O.

Dr. Adams and team are an exceptional group of people. I was truly blessed to be under their care. My very first experience with his office starting with the initial contact to set up a consultation was pleasant. Jose was so kind and patient with me in my panicked state and calmed me down and forgave my “short” attitude with him. Dr. Chikwe then assured me that I would be okay and would be in good hands. The road to being in “good hands” was a tough one that required a fight.

I am a 27yr old female who had no idea that I was in need of open heart surgery because I was asymptomatic. In 2006, I went to school for training in Cardiac Ultrasound. After graduating the course, I immediately started my externship as a cardiac ultrasound technician with a cardiologist in New Jersey. It was during the last day of my externship that I learned that I would need a mitral valve repair. One of the incoming externs did a practice echocardiogram on me and the Cardiologist saw my study. He informed me that I would need open heart surgery because I had severe regurgitation and a little enlarging of the heart due to a prolapsed mitral valve. After absorbing this life changing news, I immediately began to have other tests done and consulted with a cardiothoracic surgeon. After consulting with the cardiothoracic surgeon, I informed my cardiologist of the results of the consultation. My Cardiologist felt uneasy with the consult because I was told by the surgeon that it was not definite that my valve could be repaired and would possibly need to be replaced. My doctor informed me that it was not ideal for me to have a replacement due to my age. He felt I was too young to have a replaced valve and preferred me to have a repair.

My Cardiologist told me about Dr. Adams and sent my study to him. Dr. Adams and Dr. Chikwe reviewed my study and advised my Cardiologist to have me come in for a consult. I consulted with Drs. Adams and Chikwe and felt 100% better after having been assured that he and team could repair my valve.

Seemed easy enough except that I am a New Jersey resident. As a New Jersey resident, my insurance could not be used in New York and my HMO carrier was adamant about not approving my surgery to be done at Mt. Sinai. Because of insurance issues I was then given to the hands of Terri in Dr. Adams office (who is an angel). She provided me with a couple of options to try to appeal my insurance company’s decision. She held my hand through the entire fight and after many denials and appeals back and forth between Dr. Adams’ office and my insurance carrier I received a call from the insurance company. My insurance company informed me that they would be approving my request for surgery to take place at Mount Sinai with Dr. Adams because of the persistence of Dr. Adams and his team. They fought to save my life basically. I feel this is extremely important to know because they didn't have to fight the fight with me. They could have easily said sorry your insurance is not accepted here and so we cannot help you. But they did not, because of Dr. Adams and team I feel I was given a second chance at life. Had I not had the repair and instead had a replacement it would have made it difficult for me to bear children in the future or I would have had to have another surgery in about 10-15 yrs depending on the type of replaced valve. I am forever grateful to Dr. Adams and the staff at Mount Sinai. I appreciate the Ring so much its as if its Dr. Adams’ halo and he took it and placed it around my heart. It is evident that the pleasantry, respect, & genuine care & concern for the patients is a trickle down effect amongst the staff.

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