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Chicago, Illinois

American College of Cardiology Heart Valve Summit 2019

The Heart Valve Summit: Medical, Surgical and Interventional Decision Making will be held from October 3–5, 2019 in Chicago. Whether you are currently involved in caring for patients with valvular heart disease (VHD), or interested in pursuing this subspecialty, join colleagues and renowned experts as they analyze current successes and controversies and provide insight into future possibilities in VHD care.

Thursday, October 3

9:50 am  SESSION III: Catheter-Based Mitral Therapy in 2019, Moderator: David H. Adams, MD

11:20 am  SESSION IV: Current Strategies in Endocarditis, Moderator: Anelechi C. Anyanwu, MD

11:30 am  Surgical Repair in Endocarditis, David H. Adams, MD

1:40 pm  SESSION V: Aortic Stenosis, Moderator: David H. Adams, MD

3:35 pm  SESSION VI: Aortic Valve Replacement in Younger Patients, Moderator: Anelechi C. Anyanwu, MD

3:35 pm  Mechanical or Biological Prostheses – How to Choose?, Anelechi C. Anyanwu, MD

Friday, October 4

7:30 am  SESSION VII: Dealing with Functional Tricuspid Regurgitation, Moderator: David H. Adams, MD

7:50 am  Making the Case for Aggressive Concomitant Tricuspid Repair, Anelechi C. Anyanwu, MD

8:25 am  Case Presentations, David H. Adams, MD, Panelist: Anelechi C. Anyanwu, MD

9:05 am  Leaflet Prolapse and Malignant Arrythmia Syndrome, David H. Adams, MD

10:15 am  SESSION IX: Perfecting Mitral Valve Repair, Moderator: David H. Adams, MD

1:40 pm  SESSION XI: Bicuspid Disease, Moderator: Anelechi C. Anyanwu, MD

4:15 pm Concomitant AVR for Moderate AS and Severe MR – Is it Still Necessary?, Gilbert Tang, MD

Saturday, October 5

8:30 am  Managing the Ischemic Ventricle After Surgical Valve Interventions, Anelechi C. Anyanwu, MD

9:30 am  Ischemic Cardiomyopathy and Severe Mitral Regurgitation – When Is it Futile?, Anelechi C. Anyanwu, MD

10:00 am  Managing the Dysfunctional Ventricle During Percutaneous and Catheter Interventions, Gilbert Tang, MD


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