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July 09, 2009
Cynthia T.

I came from California to New York for Dr. Adams to perform my mitral valve repair. His passion for his work came through to me during our initial phone conversation. The valve had calcifications that increased the difficultly of repair. From the very beginning his office “team” was there to help… from checking into my insurance coverage to advice about hotel accommodations. Every team member was knowledgeable, caring & treated me as if I was their only patient! My 4 hour surgery turned into 8 hours & Dr. Adams checked & repaired the tricuspid valve as well. Dr. Adams’ manner is calm, soothing & knowledgeable… I knew I was in the best hands for my situation. I have NO murmur & went from 100% regurgitation to zero on the post op. echocardiogram. The incision was closed by a plastic surgeon from the inside out… NO staples, or external sutures to remove. I would urge anyone given a diagnosis of REPLACEMENT to FIRST be evaluated by Dr. David Adams & his team before going any further with treatment. I was told many times that only a replacement would do in my case. And here I am, REPAIRED & NOT having to deal with Coumadin!!! I will be forever grateful to this most wonderful surgeon & his team at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. They have not only extended my life span… they have saved my lifestyle!! I will be back to riding my horses shortly… not an option if Coumadin was in the picture!!!

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