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October 27, 2008
Ben P.

Sent: Mon, Oct 27, 2008

To: Adams, David

Subject: life

Hello Dr. Adams,

Ben P. just saying hello. Sitting here waiting for game five of World Series with my 10 year old son. Sorry Red Sox didn’t make it. Wife just landed at La Guardia to show my oldest son around NYU for college. Hope I stay busy-tuition is crazy. Wife loves NYC-probably has something to do with my heart surgery in NY vs. Cleveland-nothing personal. I am a Cubs fan. Anyway-I am doing great. Thanks again. I feel like I a twenty year old-no s**t. I have twice the energy and just feel good every morning-instead of tired. Thank Randy Martin for me as well next time you talk. My son Ian is a pitcher and shortstop for a traveling team. It is just great to be confident in my ability to watch his progress to who knows, the majors? Why not.

Sincerely and best regards,

Ben P.

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